Live Richer Academy

Chike Uzoka

How to Start a Business 101

This is course is designed to help you answer the basic questions you need to answer before starting a business, how to set up your business, and perfecting your pitch to promote your business.

Chike Uzoka

How to Start a Business 201

Let's go beyond the basics! In this course we will discuss how to properly price your products/service, how to convince your customers and set up your systems.

Kristina Aguilera

Real Estate Investing

Join Real Estate expert Kristina Aguilera as she shares the ins and outs of Real Estate Investing. Learn the basics, how to create a marketing plan and how to strategize in this lesson!

Lisha Alston

Couponing 101

The basics of couponing from couponing language to organization. Where to get coupons, how to organize them, what do the abbreviations mean, the math behind the deals and getting ready to shop, Apps and websites.

Colette Brooks

How to Get Hired

During this Series, you'll learn how to land the job you want from an HR professional. Learn how to find your dream opportunity, how to research the company of interest, how to prepare for an interview and how to negotiate.

Natisha Willis

Successful Networking 101

In this course we will discuss how to understand and maximize your strengths, identifying influential people, learn strategies to connect with clients, and the most important steps to creating networking strategy.